The beginning

It all began that September of 2007 when the unforgettable Tullio built for me this table, naked and from the uncertain destination. Until that moment I had applied myself to make up for subtle manual skills. I had received a collection of cards from the east so beautiful that I was out of my mind.
A short circuit started and, as if by magic, the most transgressive door of my mind was thrown open.

Since then I have wrapped the world! A joyous exaltation leads me to work feverishly on old obsolete furniture that offer docile to the fury of my hands, or on new woods that yield their colorless banality to the wealth of unlikely chromatic agreements. There is no surface that resists me, plastic or glass, metal wall or shard …
I use the most beautiful cards in the world that are desecrated, wet, brittle, with a brave emotional charge.
It happens then, as if by magic that armies of colors are challenged and contrasted, appropriating the underlying surface and also of any rational my will. With a complete invisible fixing, the work becomes indestructible.